The Rubino House

The front of 855 Longridge

The Rubino House is said to be a replica of a villa in Sicily: with its classic A-B-A composition and portruding ‘Porte-cochère’-style portico above the entry, the home makes a striking statement. The harmonic rhythm of its fenestration on both the lower and upper levels are reminiscient of its classical heritage, which is further alluded to by the band of authentic stenciling. The overall composition is tied together by the window cornice and Corinthian helical portico columns of the ‘piano nobile’.

Formal entry and stairway




The formal split staircase is a stand-alone piece of breathtaking sculpture in and of itself. Framed by presumably Carrara-style marble below as well as gilded crown molding and original period stenciling, the formal entry and stairway makes a bold statement both upon arrival as well as departure.

The formal dining room

The period dining room includes the original antique dining room set by the Rubino family, as well as gilded crown molding, custom wrought-iron gates, and the original antique crystal chandelier. Additional table leaves can accommodate a sizeable group, perfect for the holidays and many gatherings with friends and family.

The living room

The living room is the centerpiece of the Rubino house: the arched entry off of the formal entry invites you in to enjoy the elegent harmony of the space: the rythmic cadences of the arched windows underline the harmonic relationship between the width and depth of the space and is only surpassed by the lofty ceiling, which is further heightened by an elegant elevated pitch, reaching its zenith at the central cyrstal chandelier. The original hardwood floors, base boards and gilded crown molding is married to the subtle sheen of Venetian plaster walls. The living room is adjoined by the intimate library with built-in shelves; visually, it is anchored by the intricately detailed fireplace mantle.

The backyard

The backyard is fully enclosed in a very private an intimate setting: wrought iron gates are combined with custom walls to offer alongside with the house the perfect backdrop and setting for many informal family gatherings.

The formal split staircase

The formal split staircase is the center focalpoint of the home. Making a formal statement on the first floor level, it invites the family to the second floor living spaces, and opens up onto the intimate sun room.

The master bedroom

The Master bedroom is located on the Eastern corner of the home, making it a sunny and inviting morning space. The stately size affords multiple bedroom layouts and a double walk-in / walk-through closet setup, which connects to the master bathroom. The sun room and the fourth bedroom adjacent to the master on either side can serve both as nurseries, children’s rooms, and music or home office spaces.

The other bedrooms

All upstairs bedrooms are sizeable and well-light with beautiful neighborhood views, and feature adjoining closet rooms with lots of space.

The sun room

The sun room on the North-Eastern side of the home is located above the entry, and affords a 180 degree view of the Crocker Highlands neighborhood and Piedmont hills. The indirect light makes this a favorite and informal place to read, study, or to turn into a nursery space.

Authentic antique hardware

The authentic period home features antique gems throughout, including original art deco hardware, such as lights, chandeliers, faucets and knobs, throughout the home, including the bathrooms.

The rooftop

One of the many vistas and views of the Crocker Highlands.

Basement staircase and hallway

Located below the formal entry and staircase, the basement staircase and hallway feature trompe-l’oeils evoking the Northern California wine country. Setting a decidedly idyllic mood and arcadian atmosphere, they cleverly depict what is hidden behind its doors – the wine cellar. Hidden underneath northern entry steps in the most temperate area of the home, is sizable room for any connoisseur’s collection of wines, and the perfect degustation setting.


More Photos

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